Crisis Management

The key to crisis management is to immediately identify, evaluate and weigh a problem in order to forumulate and achieve a feasible solution. Our ur battle-tested crisis management services provide the support needed to  make the right decisions quickly.


In addition, we have a proven track-record of helping companies successfully deal with financial problems and reducing the costs of government contracts for our customers. Given the current challenges in budgets for all government organizations, our services are essential and provide assurance that your company is able to effecitvely navigate budget requirements and contraints. Contact us for an assessment today.

Our services at a glance:

  • Analysis of the immediate situation and formulaiton of action requirements
  • Analysis of process-relevant channels and potential sources of obstacles
  • Developing a restructuring plan with ad hoc measures
  • Support in implementing the restructuring and consolidation process

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News & Events

Full Mission Profile/Learn Internationalhas developed an innovative 1 day program for all grade schools, high schools, and colleges to respond to the increasing threat of active shooters in our nations schools. Our program saves lives and empowers teachers and students to defend themselves in the event of an attack. As a company we support the Homeland Security strategy of run, hide, and fight. Our program enahances all three strategies in responding to an active shooter threat. Concordia College is the first academic institution to sign a contract for delivery of our new program. 


New Partners Joins Full Mission Profile


We welcome Chad K the new VP of Operations who has joined Full Mission Profile. His extensive consulting expertise in the area of Homeland Security makes an excellent addition to the company. Prior to becoming the VP of Operations for Full Mission Profile Chad K has served in DOD and as a law enforcement officer and SWAT officer. He has also had extensive experience serving as a site lead for a large government contract.


We welcome Amy K the new VP for Human Resources who has joined Full Mission Profile. Prior to becoming the VP of Human Resources for Full Mission Profile Amy K served as the Office Manager for Learn International LLC.


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